Our Process

Missio Investment Management provides investment solutions for private individuals, couples and families tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.  MIM’s most basic model will involve an appropriate mix of fully liquid equity and fixed income exposure that seeks to generate risk adjusted returns while minimizing volatility and large drawdowns.  The use of low cost passive instruments gives the portfolio the desired market exposures in US, Non-US and sector allocations.  In addition, a smaller portion of the portfolio will involve direct equity or fixed income investments that will be actively monitored daily to take advantage of alpha generating opportunities.  Thus, the benefits of active management flows to the investor absent the significant expenses embedded into most mutuals funds that degrade returns over time.


Clients grant Missio full discretion into the deliberate construction and trading of their own segregated portfolio.  In this way, they leverage the expertise of Missio’s experience and activity in the markets daily.  However, it is not our design or desire to keep clients in the dark on their own accounts.  Clients will, at all times, retain total transparency into their holdings through a custodian secure web portal able to be viewed at the times and frequency of their choosing.  In addition, direct communication with the Chief Investment Officer will be offered as a matter of course.