About Missio

Missio Investment Management (MIM) is an independent registered investment advisor serving clients with direct investment strategies and portfolio management facilitating efficient performance.  We seek to deliver risk-adjusted market returns within the context of an appropriate long term strategy that aligns with client goals and circumstances.

Our company name, Missio, is taken from the latin term for mission which appropriately describes our own internal ethos to be mission-driven (for the benefit of our clients) and not profit-driven (for the benefit of ourselves).  For too many investors “performance and professionalism” typically goes with “expensive and costly” even as they experience less performance and more expense, less professionalism, more cost.  Therefore the Missio value proposition includes investment approaches that keep overall costs at a minimum without sacrificing client service.  This means keeping fees low, never accepting commissions, and avoiding expensive (fee and liquidity) investment vehicles  that provide no proven long term value when adjusted for risk—all this while maintaining utmost portfolio transparency and consultation availability.

Missio takes seriously the responsibility granted when our clients charge us with investing their hard-earned assets.  Faith and trust are the critical capital driving our business.  Therefore, we commit to always act with fiduciary responsibility in keeping with, at a minimum, SEC fiduciary rules and regulations governing registered investment advisor relationships.  To further reinforce this principle, a portion of the assets under management will be owner’s personal capital and identically invested, perfectly aligning client interests with our own.